/ / Villa Cambiaso Negrotto: photos, description (Villa Negrotto Cambiaso)

Villa Cambiaso Negrotto: photos, description (Villa Negrotto Cambiaso)

Negrotto Cambiaso Villa, with its luxurious Park, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Arenzano. In turn, the attraction of the Park is an unusual greenhouse, built in liberty style in 1931 by order of the Marquise Mathilde, Negrotto Cambiaso and by the architect Lamberto Cusani. Every spring in this crisp white Conservatory, topped by a dome, is held the exhibition "Florante", where you can see works by Ligurian artists and amazing floral arrangements.

Park Villas, Negrotto Cambiaso was laid out by the architect Luigi friend barb., who also worked on Villa Brignole Sale Duchessa di Galliera. He was responsible for the restoration of the Villa Cambiaso Negrotto in 1880, the year on behalf of the Marchesa Luisa Sauli Pallavicino. Friend barb., gave the Villa the appearance of a medieval castle with towers and English style garden with a small lake, streams, waterfalls and even a cave, which is located at the entrance to the Villa.

To overestimate the Botanical value of the Park is impossible - it is possible to meet such rare species as marsh cypress, Echinochloa, coral of eritrine, capitate yew and Japanese cedar. But the main tree Park is a 125-year-old cedar of Lebanon, remarkable for its huge size - around 30-foot tree, wandering peacocks, and in his crown nest different kinds of birds. The cedar is protected as part of the regional natural Park of Monte Beigua".

As for Villa, Negrotto Cambiaso, it was built for the Marquis Tobia Pallavicino, who, in 1558, the year it purchased a large plot of land with a 20-metre tower, erected in the 13th century. Next to this tower and built a Villa, which was a typical summer residence of a noble Genoese family. As mentioned above, in 1880, by order of the Marquise Luisa Sauli Pallavicino, the Villa was renovated and around it was a spacious Park. Since 1981, the year Villa Negrotto Cambiaso is located in the city of Arenzano.