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Villa Paolina: photos, description (Villa Paolina)

Villa Paolina, the former summer residence of Paolina Bonaparte, sister of French Emperor Napoleon, is located in the resort town of Viareggio. Today, the Villa housed the Archaeological Museum Alberto Carlo Blanca, opened in 1986 year, the Art gallery Lorenzo Viano and the Museum of musical instruments Giovanni Ciuffreda (the last two of the Museum was opened in 1994 year).

Picture gallery Lorenzo Viano was created in 1974 year, and only twenty years after the discovery was moved to the Villa Paolina. Its exhibits are arranged in chronological order and include paintings, drawings, sketches, and slides, and provided with plates with description. Only 4 halls of the Villa is kept 64 works of contemporary art.

The Museum of musical instruments Giovanni Ciuffreda takes six halls of Villa Paolina, which houses around 400 exhibits, including pochetta is a tiny "pocket" violin of the 17th century, the Neapolitan mandolin of the 18th century and a collection of instruments from all over Europe.

Archaeological Museum Alberto Carla Blanca, also known as Blanca Museum, opened in 1986-m to year. It showcases artifacts found on site Virsuliskiai Riviera on the Tuscan coast of the Tyrrhenian sea, handmade stone objects, fossils of the Paleolithic era, pottery of Neolithic, copper and bronze wares of the iron age. In General, the Museum exhibits give an idea about the human evolution for a long period before the invention of writing.

The Villa Paolina is one of the most significant buildings of Viareggio. It was built in the Northern part of the city, on the coast in 1822-th year project Giovanni Lazzarini. First, the Villa was the summer residence of the sister of Napoleon Bonaparte Paolina, then it was a closed Board, and later a secondary school. During the Second World war, two-storey Villa was seriously damaged but in the 1980-ies have been carefully restored. Today, tourists in addition to three museums attract three garden villas. North garden communicates with the house and used as a living room under the open sky - it is decorated with flower beds, fruit trees and vineyards. South garden is separated from the Villa expensive, it has a small garden and single vineyard. Finally, the so-called "natural garden" is surrounded by a beautiful beach.