/ / Villa Perego di Kremne: photos, description (Villa Perego di Cremnago)

Villa Perego di Kremne: photos, description (Villa Perego di Cremnago)

Villa Perego di Kremna is a grandiose architectural complex designed for holding various events. The complex consists of a Palace built by the architect Piermarini, stables, designed by Simone Cantoni, a private chapel, painted with frescoes of the 16th century lemon greenhouse of the 18th century and three large gardens. In 1906, the year Villa Perego di Kremna was declared a national monument and has since been considered one of the finest houses of Italy.

Luxurious main Villa was once the center of the vast landholdings of the family Perego, later divided between numerous heirs of the founder family of Giovanni Perego, the well-known humanist, lover of art and rector of the Church of San Nazzaro in Milan. It Giovanni Perego instructed by the architect Piermarini to build a Villa. I must say that, Piermarini was also involved in the construction of the famous theater "La Scala" in Milan, Villa Reale in Monza and many other important buildings. After the death of the architect his work was continued by Simone Cantoni, who was the architect of the Palazzo Serbelloni in Milan, the Villa Olmo in Como and Villa Scotti in Oreno.

To get to the Villa Perego di Kremna, affecting its Baroque decoration from Milan: you have to go on the highway in the direction of Erba or Lecco, passing Monza, Lissone and Karate turn to Erba and then roll to the shores of lake Como to the village of Kremna.