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Villa Poyane: photos, description (Villa Pojana)

Villa Poyane - aristocratic Villa in the town of Poyane Maggiore in the province of Vicenza. It was designed by Andrea Palladio and is today part of the UNESCO world Cultural Heritage site "the Palladian villas of the Veneto".

The building was built in 1548-49, respectively, for Boniface of Poyane, a member of the family of Poyane, which for centuries owned the lands in the territory of Veneto. Boniface's military past is reflected in the rigor and even a certain austerity of the architecture and decorations of the interior. In working on a project of Palladio's Villa was based on the ancient Roman Thermae, which he studied during his trip to Rome. On the ground floor you can see a huge hall with cylindrical vaults. On both sides from it there is secondary spaces, each with its own type of vaults.

Villa Poyane is considered one of the most curious examples of the work of Palladio, despite the fact that it was never completed, and some later additions drastically different from the original design by Palladio. Of the same that was built with the direct participation of the great architect, you should pay attention to cerliano - palladiev Windows on the facade and a pediment with statues of military and agricultural deities.

The interior of the Villa worked the painters Bernardino India and Anselmo of Kanner and decorator and sculptor Bartolomeo Ridolfi, the authorship of which belongs to the stucco and all the fireplaces of the Villa. In the atrium you can see the elegant moldings with intertwining floral motifs and monochrome depictions of river deities. Bust of Boniface of Poyane look down from the main entrance, and above him is a family coat of arms of the family and his spoils of war. The frescoes on the vaults of the Villa with an allegorical depiction of Fortune attributed to Giovanni Battista Zelotti.