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Villa Puccini: photo, description (Villa Puccini)

Villa Puccini is one of the most popular tourist attractions located around the resort town of Viareggio in Tuscany. After the death of the great composer Giacomo Puccini in 1924, the year of his Villa in Torre del Lago was turned into a Museum dedicated to the life of the famous Italian. Inside you can see the room with a Grand piano, behind which sat the composer and for which he composed his famous works, as well as the collection of paintings given to him by artists and friends. Special passion of the composer was hunting, and this is also reflected in the Villa - here you can see his collection of weapons and hunting trophies. On the first floor exhibited the skins of animals collected by Puccini during his hunting expeditions.

Once in the small town of Torre del Lago, on lake Massaciuccoli, Giacomo Puccini forever in love with these places and decided to settle here. In 1891, the year he bought an old house-tower, and instructed the architects Luigi De Servi and Pliny, Nomellini and engineer Giuseppe Puccinelli to restore the structure. They turned the old building into a beautiful two-storey Villa in liberty style with simple and clear forms. Surrounding the Villa was laid out English garden, to get to that today, through the Bay window of glass and iron. Inside the Villa has been preserved fireplace, Galileo Chini, furniture made in factories Bugatti and Tiffany, coffered ceiling of red, gold and blue colors and the same piano foster. On the ground floor is a small chapel, where in 1926, the year was buried Puccini.

I must say that beauty Virsuliskiai Riviera and cozy atmosphere of this region were attracted to the shores of lake Massaciuccoli not one of the famous family. Adjacent to the Puccini Villa is Orlando Villa, built in 1869, the year in neo-Gothic style with pointed arches and a slate roof. On the other side of the lake, in the town of Piazzetta located Villa Ginori, built in the 19-20 th centuries. Today both villas are privately owned and closed to the public.