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Villa Piovene: photos, description (Villa between piovene)

Piovene Villa - luxury Villa in the town of Lonedo di Lugo in the province of Vicenza. The building was erected in the 16th century for the noble Venetian family Piovene, presumably, by Andrea Palladio. Since 1996, the year it was included in the UNESCO world Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO.

Piovene Villa was built around 1539-1540-years in the immediate vicinity of Villa godi, which is located just a few hundred meters. It is also believed that it was built also in order to compete with the Villa godi, because families Piovene and godi at odds with each other. It seems that Piovene were interested not so much in how to beat Villa godi in size, but in the fact that they worked for Giovanni Giacomo da Porlezza, responsible for the construction of Villa godi. The latter was Padamara workshop, which was also Andrea Palladio.

Today there is more speculation than actual established facts about how did still Palladio's participation in the design of the Villa Piovene or not. First of all, note that the plan of the Villa in his treatise "Four books on architecture" published in 1570, the year, although it is known that he was expelled from the book a series of sketches of other buildings, such as Villas, Gazette and Villa Valmarana at Mira in Vigardolo. But most historians confused the building Piovene: it is hardly sophisticated, the Windows located on the façade without any particular order, and the pronaos somehow clumsily connected to the main house.

Villa Piovene, of course, was built in three stages: in the documents it is clear that initially, there was a dwelling house, smaller in size than the current building, and certainly constructed before 1541, the year. It was later extended by the addition of the pronaos, which have been preserved date - 1587. Loggia is outstanding in the centre and consisting of six ionic columns with a triangular pediment, could be begun by Palladio around 1570 and completed after his death. Further expansion of the Villa so probably took place in 1570-ies and it was designed by Palladio, but not by the architect. Finally, in the first half of the 18th century architect Francesco Muttoni built side wings, double staircase leading to a loggia, designed the garden. The current garden that serves as a picturesque backdrop of the Villa Piovene was laid out in the 19th century on the plain of the river..