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Villa Rufolo: photos, description (Villa Rufolo)

Villa Rufolo is located in the historic Spa town of Ravello on the Amalfi Riviera and facing the Cathedral square. The first building on the site was built in the 13th century and in the 19th century it has undergone significant changes.

Originally, the Villa Rufolo belonged to the powerful and wealthy Rufolo family, which is very successful in Commerce (one of its representatives, Landolfo Rufolo was even immortalized by Boccaccio in his "Decameron"). Then the Villa was the property of other genera, such as Confalone and Musette. About the middle of the 19th century it was sold to the Scot Francis Neville Reid, who was the initiator of the extensive renovation of the building. It was then that the Villa acquired its present appearance.

To get to the Villa Rufolo through the arcuate passage in the tower. From there a short trail leads to a cleared area, over which dominated by the Torre Maggiore - she turned to the bell tower for the Cathedral of Ravello. There are also breathtaking views down to the city, Amalfitans the Riviera and the shores of the Gulf of Salerno with its year-round blooming gardens.

Of particular interest are the large patio of the Villa, designed as a loggia, and several rooms converted into a small Museum. This Villa in 1880, the year stopped the famous German composer Richard Wagner, who was literally struck by the beauty of these places. In the memory of a great tenant is held here every year a concert of Wagner.