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Villa Saraceno: photos, description (Villa Saraceno)

Villa Saraceno - the aristocratic Villa in the town Agulara in the province of Vicenza. It was built for a noble family in 1540 Saraceno-years of the project the young architect Andrea Palladio. In 1570, the year of Palladio depicted the original project of the Villa in his treatise "Four books on architecture", but in fact the building was built in a more modest form, and existing farm buildings were retained (the project was supposed to carry them). The reasons for this discrepancy between the plan and structure still remain unknown, however, is not the only Palladian Villa that is different from the original draft.

Villa Saraceno is one of the easiest buildings of Palladio. Like most of his other works, it combines living quarters for high-ranking masters and utilitarian outbuildings. Above the "piano Nobile is the floor, which was designed as a granary. Next to the main building of the 16th century is the Annex, built in the 19th century.

In the 20th century Villa Saraceno fell into disrepair, while retaining the original frescoes. In 1989, the year it bought UK-based charitable Foundation that initiated the restoration work, completed in 1994-m to year. The building together with the adjacent outbuildings has been converted into a country hotel for 16 people. And in 1996, the property was included in the UNESCO world Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO. Today the main room of the building open to tourists, and in 2008-m to year, in the year of the 500th anniversary of the birth of Palladio, released a new guidebook for the Villa Saraceno.