/ / Villa Sommi, Picenardi: photos, description (Villa Sommi Picenardi)

Villa Sommi, Picenardi: photos, description (Villa Sommi Picenardi)

Villa Sommi, Picenardi luxurious former residence of the Marquis Sommi, Picenardi built in the late 17th - early 18th centuries in the small town of Torre De Picenardi in the province of Cremona. The Villa is surrounded by a huge Park with centuries-old trees, among which lurked the tiny churches, ancient buildings and numerous statues.

History of the Villa actually originated in the late 17th century, when noble family of Fat decided to build a country residence in their possessions Alta Brianza. By that time there already was a observation tower and a rural building of the 14th century, where products were stored. This building was built Villa. Unfortunately, despite the numerous searches still did not manage to set the name of the architect who built luxury house in the style of the Lombard Baroque. It is only known that the construction was completed by 1702, the ninth year - this date can be seen on the pediment of the chapel of Santi Ambrogio e Galdino.

In the 14th century on the site of the Villa was a fortified farm characteristic of the Lombardy region, whose task was the protection of fertile land between the rivers oglio and Po. Here stood a watchtower, which in the 17th century, together with the manor became part of a residential complex. English garden with beautiful rare flowers located in front of the Villa has been substantially extended in 1880, the year, and for the Villa you can find the Italian gardens on its site and today can be seen stone sculptures and images of ancient gods and mythical creatures.

In the 1920's, the Villa became the property of the Marquis Paolo Sommi, Picenardi di Calvatone, a distant relative of the family of Bacon, who, being an avid Amateur gardeners, greatly embellished his estate and garden. His work was continued by the heirs, who now own the Villa.