/ / Villa Coppa: photos, description (Villa Sorra)

Villa Coppa: photos, description (Villa Sorra)

Coppa Villa with a spacious Park occupies approximately 30 hectares of land in the area of Gaggio di piano in the town of Castelfranco Emilia near Modena. This is a great place for walks and relaxation, as well as to explore the amazing man-made ecosystem of the Park.

The estate consists of a Villa and historic Park with plants brought from around the world. Outside the Park there is a real poplar grove, which gradually turns into a forested valley with meadows and cultivated fields.

Villa Coppa, located in the center of the estate, was built in the 18th century. Today, the building, among other things, houses the Museum of rural culture. The present appearance of the Park is the result of various works and changes the original structure of the 18th century, conducted at different times. The most significant was the reconstruction of the 19th century, giving the Park a romantic look. In the Park you can see oaks, maples, elms, poplars, hornbeam trees and ash trees, and the understory consists of dogwood, Rosicky blood, elderberry, viburnum and hawthorn. In ponds and canals surrounding the historic part of the Park is home to various amphibians, aquatic turtles, water snakes, etc. And among the trees, squirrels jumping, wandering hedgehogs, woodpeckers hard at work, scurrying to the finches and titmouse.

The Museum of rural culture is run by the City's archaeological Museum, unfortunately, closed to the public. But on the Park regularly offers tours accompanied by a guide from April to September. The surrounding area outside the gate is available for visits at any time.

To get to the Villa Coppa is possible in the following way: on the road, via Emilia est towards Bologna need to turn left after the bridge Sant'ambrogio, in via Mavora, drive Gadjo and then turn on via Pieve.