/ / Villa Fiorita in Brugherio: photos, description (Villa Fiorita)

Villa Fiorita in Brugherio: photos, description (Villa Fiorita)

Villa Fiorita, it - Villa Scotti-Cornelia-Nosed-Bertani - building in the centre of the Lombard town of Brugherio, which houses the administration of the municipality.

Villa Fiorita is an ancient aristocratic residence is L-shaped. Long part of the building with wrought iron railing and columns in the late Baroque style, facing the historic city centre, here is the main entrance inside. The back wall opens up to a spacious Park leading to the Church square.

The Villa was built in 1721, the year and originally belonged to the counts of Scotty. On their own initiative around the house was a small garden. In 1778, the year Giambattista Gallarati Scotty, count Vedana, sold the building along with adjacent buildings, today known as Palazzo Ghirlanda-Silva, Gaspar Girlanda, which probably initiated the reconstruction and decoration of the Villa. Traces of the reconstruction have been preserved to our days. Later the Villa belonged to the Milan family Noseda, which used it as summer residence. And in 1921, the year the Villa was purchased by the Bertani brothers, which, however, had her long.

In 1938, the year the building was transferred to the nursing home, known as Villa Fiorita. Here in the middle of the 20th century kept the artist from Ferrara Filippo De Pisis in the greenhouse of the building, today known as the Serra De Pisis, he placed his workshop. From 1978, the year the Villa is the city administration Brugherio.

Unfortunately, during the numerous reconstructions was lost almost all the frescoes that once adorned the facade of the Villa. On the first floor of the building, in the mayor's office, preserved ceiling fresco in the main hall and in the room that looks out to the garden, you can see fragments of the frieze of the 18th century, painted with frescoes depicting mythological scenes. Another mural of max Squillace, Franco Getstsi and Gian Mario Mariani is on the wall along the main staircase.

Behind the Villa Fiorita, in the center of Brugherio, located the English landscape garden, which occupies an area of 7 thousand sq. m. It originates in the 18th century. Later, in the second half of the 19th century, a small garden was turned into a classic romantic Park with an artificial hill, winding paths, flower beds, walkways and elegant fences. Today the Park has over 600 different trees and shrubs including cedars, chestnuts, maples, elms etc. particularly noteworthy are the huge cherry tree growing in front of the Orangerie De Pisis, wonderful Sophora japonica and bamboo. In addition, the Park has a Playground for children. It regularly hosts cultural events, and summer cinema under the open sky.