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Villa Floridiana: photos, description (Villa Floridiana)

Villa Floridiana is a huge Park in the Vomero quarter in Naples, facing the Neapolitan suburbs of Chiaia and Mergellina. The beginning of the Park was founded in 1816, the year when the ruler of the Kingdom of the two Sicilies Ferdinand I Bourbon acquired land with Villa of the 18th century in the property, and in 1817-19-m, the architect Antonio Niccolini rebuilt existing building in the neoclassical style and redesigned the surrounding gardens. Then Friedrich Denhardt, Director of the local Botanical garden, planted oak trees, palm trees, cypresses and a huge number of colors. Later king Ferdinand I gave the Villa to his morganatic wife Lucia Migliaccio, Partanna, Duchess of Floridia, on whose behalf and was named all possessions. Lucia used the Villa as his summer residence. Today the Villa hosts the national Museum of ceramics Duca di Martina.

Park Villa Floridiana, spread over an area of 8 hectares, is an unusual mix of characteristic elements of the Italian and English gardens. It is a sequence of dense forest groves and winding alleys decorated with pine trees, Holm oaks, plane trees, boxwood, and luxurious camellias. The romantic atmosphere is complemented by faux ruins, statues and fountains in the neoclassical style. A special attention is given Teatrino della Verdura - original and rare example of garden architecture.

Definitely worth a visit are the ceramics Museum Duca di Martina with one of the Italy's finest collections of decorative works of art. This collection of almost seven thousand items, dated 12 and 19-th centuries, going in the second half of the 19th century and early 20th century was donated to the people of Naples.