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Villa Cetinale: photos, description (Villa Cetinale)

Villa Cetinale - Baroque Villa of the 17th century in Tuscany, located in the town of Cetinale about 12 km from Siena. Known for its classic beauty and design that surrounds the main building of the Park.

Originally, the Villa was a modest residence, surrounded by farm buildings, owned by Fabio Chigi. At the time, he hired a local architect, Benedetto Giovannelli to draft a new Villa, the construction of which lasted from 1651 to 1655-1 years. After 1655, the year Fabio Chigi was elected Pope under the name Alexander VII, the Villa was suspended. Two decades later, the estate was inherited by the papal nephew, cardinal Flavio Chigi, Duke of Ariccia and Prince of the Holy Roman Empire. The cardinal hired the architect Carlo Fontana, a disciple of the great Bernini, for the restoration of the structure and layout of a new garden. His project Villa turned into a luxury building in the style of the Roman Baroque. After the death of the cardinal in 1693, the year the Villa and the surrounding land became the property of the family Chigi-Zondadari, which owned it until the end of the 20th century.

In 1977, the year were in a stage of neglect, the Villa was bought by a British Viscount Antony Lambton quay, who went there after the scandal in his native England. For three decades, he meticulously restored the building and garden. The Viscount died in 2006-m year, then the Villa became available for rent, and garden tours by prior arrangement.

The garden of the Villa di Cetinale laid out in the style of "al Giardino Italiana. It begins right at the porch of the Villa with a huge statue of Hercules. Here you can see a small lemon grove, half walled, statues by Giuseppe Mazzuoli and topiaries garden trees decorated in the Baroque style. The Villa is laid cypress alley that goes up to the hill, and on it, at the top, there is a small temple. To get to the top of the hill through a long, stone staircase which goes through the wooded slopes. Another attraction of the garden is a very tall tower with clock and bell.