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Villabassa: photo, description

Villabassa is a small town located in the heart of the popular ski resort of Alta Pusteria and surrounded by the slopes of the Dolomites and the vast forests. Due to its favorable geographical location at a height of 1154 meters above sea level and large number of Sunny days during the year, Villabassa is a great place for rehabilitation and vacation. By the way, Villabassa was the first tourist village in the region of Alta Pusteria - here in different years were resting many celebrities.

From local attractions to highlight the City Hall is located South from Piazza von Kurz. Once it was the residence of lords Kurz Zum Thurn, and later - station long-distance communication and military barracks during the First World war. From 1928, the year the building houses the town Hall. Its present appearance the building acquired in the 19th century after reconstruction, initiated by the Kurtz family. Today it stands out for its balcony with three ionic columns and three Gables on the North facade.

Another attraction of Villabassa is the Home of Wassermann, who with 1470-year and until the 18th century also served as the residence of the family of Kurtz. Over the years, the building was reconstructed several times. In 1895, the year the house was purchased by the confectioner Johann Wassermann, who opened the café, and in 1944, the year the building was occupied by the collections of the Museum of tourism in Alta Pusteria. Today, in this Museum you can get acquainted with the history and development of tourism in the region. On the first and second floors are the pictures of old homes and Inns. A separate room dedicated to the history of mountaineering in Alta Pusteria. Here you can also learn about the construction of the railway line in the valley, which gave a powerful impetus to the development of tourism. By the way, the House Wassermann with its impressive wood paneling, frescoed walls and antique furniture are also noteworthy.