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Villa Ponti in Varese: photo description (Ville Ponti)

Villa Ponti - a complex of residential buildings of the 19th century, built on a hill in the city of Varese in Lombardy for the entrepreneur Andrea Ponti. Complex consisting of three buildings, occupies the entire plateau of several square kilometers. In 1961, the year the Marquis Gian Felice Ponti sold it to a local chamber of Commerce.

The main Villa at Villa Andrea Ponti, was built between 1858 and 1859 m over the years by a Milan based architect Giuseppe Balzaretti. Designed in the Gothic revival style, it is notable for its striking red and white facade and cubic shape of the building itself. The Villa stands on the highest point of the hill. The interior spaces are situated around the octagonal hall and richly decorated with frescoes and stucco. For each of the hall was chosen as its decorative theme, for example, one of the rooms dedicated to the great Italian Galileo Galilee, Dante Alighieri, Alessandro Volta, Christopher Columbus, etc. the Villa can be seen the bronze statue depicting the famous figures of culture, art and science. Around the Villa Andrea Ponti broken English garden with small pond, cedars, Vice, magnolias, maples and cypresses.

The Napoleonic Villa also known as Villa Fabio Ponti, was built in the late 17th century is the oldest building of the complex. Between 1820 and 1830 it was rebuilt in the neoclassical style. The Ponti family made it their summer residence in 1838, the year and, subsequently, the Villa was annexed to the complex. Interesting that Villa Fabio Ponti in 1859, the year housed the headquarters of Giuseppe Garibaldi during the Battle of Varese.

Napoleon Villa has a building known as Selleria, building with saddle roof, which once housed the stables. It consisted of a directly stall, garage for carriages and living quarters for grooms and coachmen, which today turned into meeting rooms.