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WCI: photos, description (Viu)

WCI is a municipality located in the ski resort of Val di Susa. Municipality WCI is one of the largest in Italy, is situated on the square in 8849 ha. Being an important center of winter sports and a popular summer tourist resort, WCI was given the name of one of the three main valleys of Lanzo, the southernmost. The town itself is surrounded by mountains Rocciamelone and Cornetti and a ridge count of San Giovanni, and in the background rises Monte Ciurari. Around the well is surrounded by green fields and extensive forests.

WCI and the eponymous valley has been known since antiquity. Some stone tools of the Neolithic, ancient Roman artifacts discovered near the ruins of the Castello Versino and several rock inscriptions saying that people in these places settled in the prehistoric era. The building of the town is concentrated around the parish Church of San Martino, built in 1782, the year in place suschestvovashego earlier temple. Inside behind the main altar in the Baroque style, has nine lateral altars, installed here in the early years of the 20th century. Among other religious edifices WCI allocated the parish Church of San Giovanni Battista in the town of Col San Giovanni, with its bell tower of the 10-11 th centuries and the chapel in Versino, built in the early 19th century. House Casa Cotto, also located in Versino, attracts attention with its frescoed facade - probably stayed here the Dukes of Savoy during their hunting expeditions. On the main square WCI is a Large Wooden Pinocchio with a height of 6.53 meters - he even made to the Guinness Book of Records. Other attractions of the city can see the Gate of WCI, representing two immense monolith about 12 meters in height, the Museum of resistance in the Col del Lis, Villa Solido, Villa Franchetti and Villa Fino.