/ / The waterfalls of the Valle delle Ferrières: photo description (Valle delle Ferriere Falls)

The waterfalls of the Valle delle Ferrières: photo description (Valle delle Ferriere Falls)

The waterfalls of the Valle delle Ferrières is located in the eponymous nature reserve near the town of Amalfi, one of the most popular resorts in Italy. Attraction is not really known, because when people talk about the Amalfi Riviera, in the mind first come magically beautiful coastline with dozens of cozy villages, splendid cathedrals, ancient palaces and monuments of history and architecture of the great sea of the Amalfi Republic. However, aside from all this there are many other interesting places and natural reserve "Valle delle Ferrières" is one of them. It is located just above Amalfi, and to get on its territory is easy, a short walk directly from the city centre.

Valle delle Ferrières is an amazing place, which from the first sight captivates visitors with its landscapes and wildlife. Throughout the reserve the river Canneto, which forms magnificent waterfalls and small ponds, in the spring becomes a Mecca for bathers. Thanks to Canneto the vegetation of the reserve is a lush and diverse. Here you can see a variety of types of colorful orchids, known for their large leaves woodwardia and valacyclovircoa jiranku - carnivorous plant feeding on small insects. The most common fauna of the Park is the otter. And, of course, incredibly diverse the bird life of these places.

The territory of Valle delle Ferrières is famous not only for its natural heritage, but also monuments of human activity. So, in the heart of the valley, preserved a few ancient mills that today are not. In the past they have produced food in the first place - pasta. Here you can also find many traces of one of the most important and profitable sectors of the economy of medieval Amalfi paper production. Paper was made by special technology, the Foundation of which has been borrowed from the Arabs. Today in the surroundings of Amalfi operates 16 paper mills, but only two of them are open to visitors. And then there is the paper Museum, located in the old mill building.

In the upper part of Valle delle Ferrières you can find the ruins of another old plant, the so-called "Opificio". Once upon a time it was carried out in almost all of the iron used by the merchants of the Amalfi Republic. And from here came the name of the whole valley - in Italian language it sounds like the Iron Valley.