/ / War cemetery of Catania: photo description (Cimitero)

War cemetery of Catania: photo description (Cimitero)

Catania war cemetery, one of three such in Sicily, is located 7 km southwest of Catania. The other two are in Syracuse and in aghir. You can get here on the main road leading from the airport of Catania towards Palermo.

After successful completion of the North African campaign in mid may, 10 July 1943 160 thousand soldiers of the United forces of the allies invaded Sicily to the liberation of the island in the future all of Italy from the fascist regime. The Italians, who were preparing to conclude an armistice with the Allies and enter the war on their side, gave token resistance, but German opposition was resolute and unshakable. However, in August of the same year, the Sicilian campaign was completed when two troops of the allied forces United in Messina.

At the Military cemetery of Catania buried the soldiers killed in the last days of the campaign. Many were killed during fierce fighting at the borders of the city (Catania was released on 5 August). No less terrible was the battle for the bridgehead on the river Simeto. Only the cemetery remains 2135 allied soldiers, of which 113 are still not identified. It is mostly buried by the British, but you can see the graves of 12 Canadians, in which are buried the 22 pilot who served in the RAF, and the Polish one grave.

Visit the war memorial at any time. Access for pedestrians is always open, but problems with the littering of the territory and some others forced the management of the cemetery to restrict access for motorists is 500 metres from the entrance gate was installed with a barrier. There is also access for people with disabilities.