/ / Military Museum Diego de Henriquez: photos, description (Museo della guerra per la pace Diego de Henriquez di)

Military Museum Diego de Henriquez: photos, description (Museo della guerra per la pace Diego de Henriquez di)

Military Museum Diego de Henriquez is one of the tourist attractions of Trieste. The Museum's collections include about 15 thousand exhibits, including 2800 samples of weapons, as well as 24 thousands of photos, 287 diary entries (more than 38 thousand pages!), 12 thousand books, posters and 2600 leaflets, 500 prints, 470 geographical and topographic maps, 30 files, 290 music files 150 paintings and film library with 250 documentary films made on the Roman Studio of the Istituto Luce. All this collection was transferred to Trieste in 1983 year, the heirs of a local scientist and art collector Diego de Henriquez.

- Museum collection - documents relating to the history of both world wars of the 20th century, but it is the centenary since the outbreak of the First World war was deemed an appropriate time to open a new Museum. Most of the exhibition halls given over to exhibits about the history of this conflict, some of them are unique and very unusual. The first part of the Museum, as planned by its Creator, was opened with a focus on inclusiveness. This is not a military Museum in the traditional sense, but rather a Museum of the society of the 20th century during the war with its atrocities and horrors, with the purpose of the collection is the display of human struggle and hope for a better future.

The first floor of a newly renovated main exhibition hall introduces the permanent exhibition, called "1914-1918, the Funeral of the World" and dedicated to the history of the First World war. It opens with the funeral procession of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne Franz Ferdinand, who was killed along with his wife in Sarajevo in June 1914, the year, and this event led to the fact that half the world was soon involved in a fierce battle. You can then view the exhibition of artillery equipment and military equipment of the period, decorated with accompanying texts and photographs, posters propaganda, weapons and other items early 20th century. The exposition on the second floor - "a Century of war" - summarizes the history of Trieste from the beginning of the 20th century until the present day, and introduces the biography of Diego de Henriquez. Here tourists can learn more about the Nazi period of history, the facts of the Second World war and the final unification of Italy in 1954-m to year.