/ / The magic Castle: photos, description (Castello Incantato)

The magic Castle: photos, description (Castello Incantato)

In the Western part of Sicily on the slopes of Monte Kronio near the town of Sciacca is the so-called Magic Castle. This amazing structure created by man and nature, among olive groves and thickets of almond trees. Here you can see a few thousand of the striking sculptures of heads carved from stone by the artist, which the locals called Filippo dei testi Phillip Heads.

The life of this man was unusual and very strange: Filippo Bentivegna was born in Sciacca in 1888 in a large, but poor fishing family. From an early age he had to work so couldn't go to school. In 1908, when he was 20 years old, Filippo enlisted in the Navy, where he served until 1912. He then returned home to shakku's, but, finding there no work, went in search of happiness in America. But there lives a lot of battered young man, primarily due to its unconventional for those times views. In the United States, Philip proved himself as a fierce opponent of racism, for which he was actually separated from secular life. There he fell in love with a simple American girl, but her family felt guy unsuitable match for his daughter, which negatively affected the mental state of the young man. In America earning a small fortune, in 1919, Filippo returned home in shakku's, where he bought a tiny farm where you spent the rest of his life drawing and cutting various shapes out of wood and stone.

The artist's sculptures are very different from each other - each is the embodiment of famous and fictional characters that Filippo gave the names. In dreams Filippo that were the subjects of his Kingdom, and he himself was their king. He loved it when it was called "Your Highness". In the heart of the farm is a small house where the artist lived: the walls are decorated with pictures of American skyscrapers, and a picture of a big fish with a small fish in the stomach - rather, it is the metaphor of the ship on which Filippo was sailing to new York. A special role in the life of Filippo played the sculptural composition consisting of several heads, crowned with a kind of phallus - he called it the "Key to magic".

Because of failing health, Philip was forced to leave the farm and move into the house in the centre of Sciacca. However, until the end of his life he came into his "Kingdom", which has always cared. Filippo Bentivegna died in 1967 at the age of 78 years. Today some of his works exhibited at the Museum of Amateur Art in Lausanne, Switzerland, and in 1974 the government of Sicily, bought the property of the Magic Castle and turned it into a tourist attraction.