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Porta Borsari: photos, description (Porta Borsari)

Port Borsari - an ancient gate in Verona built in the 1st century BC as a military Outpost in the South of the city. Today considered a Roman and a tourist attraction. Unfortunately, to have survived only the facade of the building, which, according to historians, served as a military barracks.

Once through Porta Borsari passed Postumia road built in 148 BC and had a length of about 450 km. In Verona she turned into the Decumanus Maximus - so in the Roman Empire was called the main street of the city, oriented East to West. At the Roman forum - it is now the Piazza Dell Erbe - Decumanus Maximus intersected with the Cardo Maximus, a street oriented North to South. And do gate was the main entrance to the city and thus were richly decorated. Once they were down, even the inner courtyard, destroyed later, have been preserved only remnants of its Foundation on adjacent to the gate Piazza Serenelli, Bancolini.

In Roman times the gate was called Port Ioviy, since they were located next to a small temple of the God Jupiter. In the Middle ages they were called the Porta di San Zeno in honor of the patron Saint of Verona, Saint Zeno. And the current name of the gate comes from the word "bursary", which translated from Latin means "tax, duty" - the soldiers who served here were charged the fee.

Today white Port Borsari represent a three-tiered structure: on the first floor are two arched openings that were once the entrance gate, and the other two tiers consist of six openings framed by half-columns with Corinthian capitals. Also on the lower level visible inscription 245 "Colonia Verona Augusta".