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Porta Leoni: photos, description Porta Leoni)

Port Leoni - one of the oldest city gates of Verona, built in the era of Ancient Rome. Their original name remains unknown. In the Middle ages they were called Porta San Fermo on the name of the nearby Church, then in the Renaissance they were known as Arco di Valerio, and its current name lions gate received from the lion sculptures that adorned a nearby tomb. Once here began the road to the city forum, and the gates themselves served as an Outpost on the way from Bologna and Aquileia - a confirmation of that could be discovered here during the excavations the remains of a defensive tower. And stands next to the brick wall - a fragment of a more ancient gate, built in the 1st century BC.

Port Leoni had a square shape with a double façade on the perimeter, and two towers that were facing rural areas. According to archaeologists, the facades had a similar structure - they consisted of two arches with a width of 3.3 meters and a height of 5.25 meters, which ended with a decorative element of volcanic tuff in the form of a crest of a wave with a height of 95 cm and Then walked the rows of holes, through which the overall height of the gate up to 13 feet! The tower had to 4.24 meters in diameter and 16 "ribs."

Today from Porta Leoni is preserved only the right half of the inner façade facing the forum of Verona and lined with white stone in the Imperial period, and the base of the towers. The original decorations, unfortunately, was lost. The lower part of the gate is similar to the Port gate Borsari, also located in Verona, and the top is visible Exedra - a semicircular niche with a deep twisted columns.