/ / Vietri Sul Mare: photo description (Vietri sul Mare)

Vietri Sul Mare: photo description (Vietri sul Mare)

Vietri Sul Mare is one of the most popular resorts of the Amalfi Riviera. Located on a hill, this city is a real gem and a gateway to the famous beaches of the Riviera. Vietri consists of six districts - Albori, Benincasa, Dragonea, Marina, Molina and Raito.

The first inhabitants of these places were of Etruscan tribes. Then there were the Romans, who probably gave the settlement the name of Veteri, later replaced by Vietri. Until 1086, the year Vietri was only part of another city - cava de ' Tirreni, which is fully dependent. And in 1944-m to year, this small town became world-famous because in the near Salerno in those years was the capital of the Italian Republic here were hiding from the Nazis, the Royal family.

Today, Vietri Sul Mare is a very popular resort. It is so scenic and interesting for its cultural heritage, which in 1997 year, UNESCO included it in the list of world Heritage sites. Local landscapes combine the beauty of untouched nature and charming, well maintained land, which for many hundreds of years, cultivated people here grow grapes and citrus. And in the area Albore you can even find some species of carnivorous plants.

Despite the fact that Vietri Sul Mare is a small town with a population of about 8 thousand people, it offers a number of interesting attractions. Especially popular among tourists are walking along the mountain paths, which were used for protection from the attacks of pirates and Saracens. Along these trails there are several ancient towers - Torre di Marina di Vietri, Torretta Belvedere of Torre di Dragonea etc. they All served as a fortress. And the most famous trail is sentiero degli Dei - path of the Gods, which is so named because of the unforgettable views along the way.

Also worth seeing is the historic city Church - Santa Margherita di Antiochia in Alibori, Madonna delle Grazie in Benincasa, Madonna Dell'arco, the Renaissance Church of San Giovanni Battista with decorated ceramics the bell tower and the parish Church in Raito.

As Vietri Sul Mare famous for its ceramics, it may be interesting to visit the local ceramic factory, built during the Second World war. Today it exhibited a beautiful collection of modern ceramic products. And in the open Vietri ceramics Museum - its collection is divided into three parts: religious articles, articles for daily use and ceramic German period.