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Galatina: photo description (Galatina)

Galatina - a small town South of Lecce in the Italian region of Puglia. Popular with tourists, thanks to its amazing architecture in the Baroque style. The heyday of Galatina, as its more famous neighbor - Lecce, came in the 17 th century. It then appeared in the city of Baroque palaces and churches, which today are considered monuments of culture and architecture. And the most outstanding elements of Baroque architecture can be seen in the ornaments of palaces, the Palazzo del Concerto and the Palazzo Scrimieri.

The main Church of Galatina - the Church of Saints Peter and Paul - also built in the Baroque style and of local stone. Particularly noteworthy are the arches of the Church with their wonderful frescoes. Nearby is a spring with healing water, which, according to legend, a particularly good cure for the bites of tarantulas. Interestingly, in the 15th to 17th centuries, the inhabitants of Galatina believed that in order to be healed from the bite of a tarantula, you need to literally convulse - then the poison will be released through sweat. Unfortunately, this tradition remained in the distant past. But from it originated the well - known folk dance- Tarantella.

There are in Galatina and other interesting churches, for example, the Church of Santa Maria della Grazie and the Chiesa del Carmine, is also notable for its Baroque architecture. But perhaps the most impressive religious building of the town is the Romanesque Church of the 14th century Santa Caterina d Alessandria with frescoes by Francesco d ' Arezzo 15th century. Tourists always pay attention to the beautiful rose window and three carved doorway.

A must to inspect - the old defensive walls of Galatina and stone gate of the 16th century. Once the gate was five, but survived only three - Port Nuovo, Port Cappuccini and Port Beam. Also within the city walls in the past stood the Ducal castle, but it was substantially rebuilt, and the original little left. Today the castle known as the Palazzo Ducale.

For more detailed acquaintance with the Baroque architecture of southern Italy is to go to the neighbouring city of Lecce and for a beach holiday in the seaside resort well go Otranto, located on the Adriatic coast.