/ / The gallery and the College alberoni: photos, description (Galleria e Collegio Alberoni)

The gallery and the College alberoni: photos, description (Galleria e Collegio Alberoni)

The gallery and the College alberoni is a tourist attraction in Piacenza. The building of the College alberoni is one of the most important historical buildings of the city. Its main feature is that it has maintained its original purpose since inception and to this day it is a special school for future priests. The College is also an active centre for the study of theology, philosophy and various Sciences. The institution was founded by cardinal Giulio alberoni (1664 - 1752), the first Minister of the Spanish king Philip V and active participant in the political life of the period. The building itself was built in the early 18th century and discovered in 1751 year, the year before the death of the cardinal, at whose behest the College was transferred to the mission: della Misson with the aim of turning it into a high level school.

Today, the College alberoni includes a unique library with thousands of volumes 130, physical laboratory Gabinetto di Physics, natural science laboratory, seismic and meteorological Observatory, created in 1802, the year, and an astronomical Observatory, operating since 1870, the year.

A real jewel of the College is the Pinacoteca art gallery, which grew out of a collection of works of art collected by cardinal alberoni. Later the collection expanded through various acquisitions. The most ancient and valuable exhibits of the gallery are now stored in the Apartment of the cardinal, among them a precious diptych by Jan Provost and the work of Flemish artists as well as paintings by outstanding Italian artists of the 17th century (Luca Giordano, Guido Reni). But a large part of the collection of rare works of art of Gian Paolo Panini, Giovanni Battista Lenardi, Domenico Maria Viani, Sebastiano Conca, etc. - exhibited in elegant Nuova Galleria alberoni, built in 1960-m to year. This new gallery is a modern Museum and a concert hall. The Pinacoteca alberoni is also famous for unique collection of 18 superb tapestries by Flemish masters of the 16th-17th centuries, as well as an incredibly rare "Ecce Homo" ("Behold the Man") - a masterpiece of ancient art by Antonello da Messina.