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Garda: photo description (Garda)

Garda - a tiny tourist town in the province of Verona, lying on the Eastern shore of lake Garda is 32 km from Verona. It is the smallest town of the province and the, so to speak, medieval. Finds made in the mid-20th century, suggest that this area was inhabited even in prehistoric times. On the promontory of San vigilio di marebbe were found traces of Roman settlements. In the 10th century king of Berengarius II forcibly detained in Garda Queen Adelaide, in 1162 here for a year sheltered the Bishop of Verona. At the end of the 12th century the city passed into the power of the Scaliger family, then became a fief of the Visconti family and later became part of the Venetian Republic.

The main attraction of the Garda is its historic center with narrow streets, promenade and historic buildings - Villa Bocelli-Alberini 16th-century Venetian Gothic Palazzo dei Capitani of the 14th century, Villa Carlotti-Canossa, where once lived the writer Gabriel d'annunzio, and the Church of Santa Maria Assunta of the 18th century. 300 metres above the town rises the Rocca di Garda, where he stands, offers wonderful views of the grounds and lake. Nearby is the monastery of the Carmelite order built in the 15th century, and a little further to the East gate of the city, the Church of Santo Stefano with the painting of the 16th century depicting the martyrdom of St. Stephen.

Constant interest among tourists is the beautiful promontory of Punta San vigilio, whose name comes from the name of the Holy a flat-screen TV, Bishop of Trento from 385 at 402. In 1540 there was built a Villa of count Agostino Brenzoni - since then, it has repeatedly welcomed many famous people, like the Russian Emperor Alexander II, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the Spanish king Juan Carlos and members of the British Royal family. Noteworthy are also the rock carvings that can be found on the Cape and in the surrounding area.

In the summer of Garda is a real Paradise for lovers of water sports. Perhaps the most popular is sailing: on the beaches of the town there are many training centers and clubs where you can master the art of boating. They can also enjoy a sightseeing tour along the coast. Beaches themselves are ideal for sunbathing and the calm waters of lake Garda you can swim. Those interested can also try yourself in diving or water skiing. For those who are attracted to Hiking, mountain Biking and Nordic walking, near Garda there are many trails of varying degrees of complexity. Among the winter residents have become a very popular Jogging along the quays. Also a one hour drive from Garda Malcesine ski runs.