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Gardone Riviera: photo description (Gardone Riviera)

Gardone Riviera, lying on the Western shore of lake Garda, includes eight villages, scattered along the lake shore and slopes of the surrounding mountains. The total number of inhabitants of the Riviera - about 2.5 thousand people.

The detection of several plates with inscriptions near the village of Fasano suggests that even in the era of Ancient Rome on the territory of Gardone Riviera people lived. Approximately in the 7th century there appeared the Lombards, traces of settlements which are still visible today. Then the town was ruled by Milan, and from the 16th century became part of the Venetian Republic. It was the Venetians defended the citizens from the invasion of the powerful Visconti clan. From 1921 to 1938 there lived the famous Italian writer Gabriele d'annunzio.

On the shores of lake Garda within Gardone Riviera today you can see the Villa of the 17th century - the Villa Paradiso, which at the beginning of the 20th century was converted into a hotel and Casino that worked until 1946. Villa Alba is a beautiful manor in the neo-Hellenistic style was built between 1905 and 1910. Next to it stands the tower of San Marco, and a little further - Villa Fiordaliso, famous because it was once the mistress of Mussolini. In the upper part of Gardone Riviera you can see the Botanical garden created in 1921: it is divided into several sections, which include a Japanese garden, Indo-Chinese garden, Garden of the Dolomites, etc.

Perhaps the main attraction in Gardone Riviera is the Vittoriale degli Italiani", once the former residence of Gabriele d'annunzio. It consists of several different buildings, outdoor theater, a small Church, the house in which the poet lived, and the so-called Scaramanga Museum dedicated to d'annunzio.

In the summer you should definitely go on a boat trip along the coast, Gardone Riviera - with open water. You can also go Windsurfing in one of the many local schools. The town has several centers in which you can compete in clay pigeon shooting and archery. Untouched nature and numerous Hiking trails ideal for lovers of leisurely walks, mountain Biking and horseback riding tours.