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Dutch Church: photo description (Chiesa degli Olandesi)

Chiesa degli Olandesi - Dutch Church - a rare example of neo-Gothic architecture in Livorno, reflecting the mix of different cultures throughout the history of the city. This Protestant Church was designed by architect Dario Giacomelli and built in 1862-64-m years, is in the town of Scully degli Olandesi between Piazza Cavour and Piazza della Repubblica.

The first reliable mention of the Dutch and German communities in Livorno belong to the early 17th century, when the Dutch-German congregation. First, the members of these communities adhered to the Catholic cult and even had its own altar in the Church of the virgin Mary, like many other communities. Later, however, with the increasing number of parishioners, the congregation needed a separate Church to conduct their own rituals. For many years these rituals were sent in a small building on via del Consiglio. After the unification of Italy in the mid-19th century, a competition was announced to design a full-fledged temple, which was won by Dario Giacomelli.

In the 1960-ies of the Dutch-German congregation ceased to exist, and this was the main reason that the building of the temple gradually began to decline. Descendants of former members of the congregation for some time tried to support the Church, but their efforts were not enough to prevent construction of an apartment building immediately behind the temple or the demolition of the Church spires for security purposes.

To the 1996-th year, the interior of Dutch Church was partially flooded, the walls could collapse at any moment, and a huge glass window had been shattered. In 1997, the year the Dutch-German congregation was formed again, and immediately the project was born to restore the temple and its transformation not only in religious place, but in the cultural center. I must say that even after the Second World war this building is known for its excellent acoustics, is sometimes used as a hall for concerts. However, its organ, one of the best in Tuscany, was subsequently stolen. With the advent of the new Millennium, the roof of the Church was partially renovated, and in window apertures there is a new glass, but in 2005, the year collapsed part of the arches of the Church. Another collapse happened in 2008-m to year. Today the Dutch Church is in a deplorable condition and therefore closed to the public.