/ / The mountain of Gran Sasso: photo description (Gran Sasso)

The mountain of Gran Sasso: photo description (Gran Sasso)

Gran Sasso is one of the most exciting sights in and around Pescara, the highest Italian peak South of the Alps. The mountain, which is called the "Great rock of Italy", located in the heart of the national Park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga", the territory of which there are many opportunities for recreation and practicing all kinds of sports. Park a total area of 150 thousand hectares was founded in 1991 year, for the protection of landscapes and ecosystems of the massif of Gran Sasso, the Monti Gemelli mountains and the Monti della Laga.

The massif consists of three peaks - Corno Grande (2912 meters), Corno Piccolo and Pizzo Intermetal. On the Corno Grande is the Samy big in southern Europe, the glacier, the Calderone. And to the East of these peaks lies the largest plateau of the Apennine Peninsula Campo Imperiale, which is the country's oldest ski resorts. It was here, at the hotel "Campo Imperatore", was imprisoned by Benito Mussolini. And here, in 1943, the year the events for the operation, codenamed "Oak" rescued the Duce from captivity.

In 1984, the year through the Gran Sasso paved tunnel, which is directly linked Rome with the Adriatic coast. The second tunnel was commissioned in 1995-m to year, and the third today conducted physical experiments national laboratory.

Of course, the most popular pastime on Gran Sasso are skiing. To conquer the local slopes attracts outdoor enthusiasts from around the world. And in the warm time of year, popular activities include Hiking on numerous trails and climbing. Various sports invariably are accompanied by breathtaking views and pristine wilderness.