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Mount Marmolada: photos, description (Marmolada)

Mount Marmolada, is located in the North-East of Italy, 100 km from Venice, is the highest peak of the Dolomites. In clear weather it is even visible from the "city on water". In the West, the mountain drops off steeply and forms a vertical wall with a length of several kilometers, and in the North covered with a relatively flat glacier. I must say, the Marmolada is the only mountain in the Dolomites, which left the glacier.

North of the Marmolada there is the mountain massif of the Sella, to the South the peaks of the pale di San Martino. And the mountain itself serves as a natural border between the two Italian regions Trentino-Alto Adige / südtirol and Veneto.

The first man who Marmolada in 1864, was an Austrian writer Paul Grohmann - he went up on the North slope. And in the years of the First World war, soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian army laid almost 8 km of tunnels in the glacier of Marmolada, to reach the Italian lines unnoticed and avoid the shelling. The fact that in those years the glacier has been the border between Austria and Italy. The construction of the ice town took almost a year from may 1916 to April 1917. Inside was equipped with bedrooms, canteens, and warehouses for ammunition and equipment. But in 1918 a unique "ice city" has completely disappeared, primarily due to the movement of the glacier. So far as the melting of the glacier on Marmolada find the remains of the soldiers of the First World and they owned things.

To be precise, Marmolada is not a single peak, but a ridge. Its height of peaks decreases from West to East: Punta Peña reaches a height of 3343 meters, Punta Rocca - 3309 meters, and the Pizzo of Serauta already 3035 meters. To the top of Punta Rocca, by the way, rope-way is laid. In the midst of the ski season Marmolada main route descending to the valley, open to fans of Alpine skiing and snowboarding lovers.