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Monte Good: photo description (Monte Cusna)

Monte Good - the second highest peak of the Northern Apennines after Monte Cimone, but more steep and difficult. Located between the passes of Cerreto and Lagastrello 3 km from the border of the Italian regions Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany. The height of the peak - 2121 m. the Mountain also has a popular name - "Uomo Morto" (Dead Man), "Uomo ke Dorm" (Sleeper) and "Il Gigante" (Giant) because of its shape resembling a lying man. On the slopes of mount inhabit Alpine marmots and Bronco.

Impressive mountain range, viewed from the valley of the river Po, formed by the peaks of Monte Good and Sasso (2078 m) and Monte La Piella (2071 m). The part of the ridge is part of the national Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines". The Eastern slopes of Monte Good busy pine forest Abetina the Real world, which is notable for the fact that there are growing instances of the oldest white spruce that escaped the human's axe. And on the Western slopes, one can see Prati di Sara is surrounded by beech groves and meadows upland peatlands, especially beautiful during flowering and autumn. The name of the area comes from the name of the mistress of the Marquis Paolo Bernardi, who owned these lands since the mid-17th century. There is also a small lake Caricature, from which flows a stream Rio Lavachielli. It flows along the Western slope of Monte Good towards the valley of the river Ozola, where it forms a cascade of waterfalls Caricature, amazingly beautiful in the spring during snowmelt. Finally, in the South-Western part of Monte Costa is Good Veline - a large beech forest with many old trees.

To enjoy the beautiful nature of Monte Good on one of the trails laid on slopes of the mountain and around it. By the way, on the trails there are several Hiking shelters. One of the most interesting is the refuge of San Leonardo, located on the river Dolo in a renovated ancient hospital of the 12th century. Of man-made attractions of Monte is also Good to call the ski resort Febbio equipped on the Northern slope of the mountain.