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Mountain Ortler: photos, description (Ortler)

Ortler is the highest peak of the Eastern Alps outside the Bernina massif, the height of the peak 3905 m. This is also the highest peak of the Tyrol until 1919, the year and the whole Austro-Hungarian Empire. In German the mountain is often called the King of the Ortler, like in the unofficial hymn of South Tyrol.

The huge mountain from the North-West side is covered by the glacier, and its Northern spurs end at the village Gomagoi and share the valleys of Trafoi and Sulden. In the South-East you can see the peaks of Monte Zebru (3740 m) and the majestic Keyspace (3859 m).

The first conqueror of Ortler steel Joseph Pickler, hunter from San Leonardo in passiria, and his companions Johann Leitner and Johann, Klausner from Zell am Ziller - the ascent took place on 27 September 1804. It is interesting that the conquest of the peaks was carried out by order of the Archduke Johann of Austria. He instructed the topographer from Salzburg Johann Gerardo to climb the mountain accompanied by local residents. The first five attempts failed, and Gerard was ready to give up when Joseph Pickler expressed a desire to fight for the promised cash reward. Pikler and his friends have chosen difficult and dangerous because of possible avalanches, the path through the valley of Trafoi (the route was restored in 2004). However, when Pikler and his companions returned, they do not believe in the word of Hebard twice sent the hunter to the top. In August 1805, the year he was supposed to set on top of a mountain a flag that could be seen through a telescope, and a few months later - a huge torch. Only after the flame of the torch was identified, the achievement of the Pikler has been recognized. In 1834, the year 70-year-old Pickler made the fifth and final ascent to the Ortler.

30 years later, in 1865 year, the top of Ortler was achieved by other, more easy way, which today is the most popular. And 10 years later at the height of 3029 meters was built a small hut, which helped to break the way to the top on two lines. The hut was named the payer House in honor of Julius payer, who, in 1865-68-m years has made a detailed map of Ortler and won 50 of the surrounding peaks. In the 1970-ies on the slopes of Ortler began to develop extreme skiing.

It is also worth noting that the Ortler and the neighboring mountains during the First World war was one of the main places of battles between Austrian and Italian troops - then here were Austrian-Italian border. The highest peak was a very important goal. Austrian troops quickly occupied all the surrounding peaks, and Italians for four years trying to "knock out" their positions. In the middle of 1990-ies in the mountains, they found two guns, which were installed at the top of Ortler and hidden under the snow. Only in 2004-m to year, during the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the first ascent of the Ortler, the guns were presented to the public. Today they can be seen in the Museum of Trafoi.