/ / Cimone mountain: photos, description (Monte Cimone)

Cimone mountain: photos, description (Monte Cimone)

Mount Cimone is located in the Northern Apennines in the Italian region Emilia-Romagna. The height of the mountain - 2165 meters. On its slopes are several communes - Fiumalbo, Sestola, Fanano and Riolunato, which belong to the province of Modena. Near the mountain is located military installations, so during the Cold War, access to the summit was prohibited.

Today Cimone mountain is a popular ski resort and is accessible both from Modena and from Bologna, good distances in Italy are often measured in tens, not hundreds of kilometers. There are 31 ski run with total length over 50 km and The longest run stretches for 3.6 km, Served by route 26 lifts.

Ski season begins in December and sometimes even into late November and lasts until mid-April. The resort consists of six centers - the Passo del Lupo, polle, Cimoncino, Lago Ninfa, Montecreto and Pian del Falco, which are connected by trails and lifts.

Among the most popular ski runs - red Nord Funivia length 1.9 km, black Diretissima a length of 1.7 km, and red-black Sette Fontane and Dell'aquila, both at 2.7 km in length.

In addition to skiing in Monte Cimone and attracts fans of snowboarding for them on the territory of the Passo del Lupo, built a huge snow Park with half-pipe with a length of 85 meters, two jumps, three "loops", C box, kink-salami, etc. Two smaller snow Park is located in Lago Ninfa and polle.

For vacationers it also has various restaurants, discos, a small theater, gyms, play areas for children, fields for mini-Golf and excursions in the area Cimone.