/ / Mountain Museum Messner: photos, description (Messner Mountain Museum)

Mountain Museum Messner: photos, description (Messner Mountain Museum)

Mountain Messner Museum, founded by Italian mountaineer, first to conquer all 14 "eight-thousanders" in the world, located in Bolzano in five different places. A unique project consists of a main Museum center, based in Castello Firmian, and its branches in Uvale, the Dolomites, and Ortler. All five structures are connected by a network of trails, which is also part of the project, as well as on the transitions between exhibits magnificent landscapes of South Tyrol.

As mentioned above, the core of the Mountain Museum is the Castello, Firmiano, he Sigmundskron located in the surroundings of Bolzano. The castle was built in the Middle ages, and today it houses the headquarters of the Museum and administrative offices and conducting various events. There is also a small theater that can accommodate up to 200 people. The Museum was opened in 2006, the year after three years of restoration work. I must say that the appearance of the castle as a result of these works has remained virtually unchanged - a new glass roof and ventilation system, and a variety of cables are not visible from outside, thanks to the idea of the architect Werner Colle.

The total area of exhibition halls in Castello, Firmiano - about 1100 sq. m. Its main theme is devoted to the history and development of mountaineering. Messner wanted to show "what effect the mountains have on people and to introduce people to inaccessible peaks and their conquerors. Here you can see paintings, photographs, sculptures, symbolic images and objects and memorabilia of various expeditions, and learn about the impact of mountaineering and mountain tourism on the environment and ecosystems. There is also a separate exhibition about the history of the castle and South Tyrol.

Another section of the Mining Museum is housed in a medieval castle Uvala near Naturno 40 km from Bolzano. The castle is in private ownership in Hong Kong and serves as his summer residence. Opened in 1995, the year the exposition is devoted to the mountains as a mystical and spiritual objects, and is centered around such spiritual centers as the Kailash in Nepal mount Fuji in Japan, the rock is Ayers Rock in Australia. Here you can see sculptures of the Buddha, a giant prayer wheel, a collection of masks, the Tantra room and the expedition hall.

At Monte Rita between the towns of Cortina d'ampezzo and Pieve di Cadore in the Fort during the First World war, posted the third part of the Messner Mountain Museum - MMM Dolomites. This "Museum in the clouds" was opened in 2002-m to year and is dedicated to the Dolomites.

The fourth section of the Museum is underground between the towns of Ortler and Sulden. Since its opening in 2004, the year she introduces visitors to the history of skiing, climbing, and also talks about the history of exploration of the Arctic and Antarctic. In the exhibition a total area of 300 sq. m. you can see the real eternal ice and even be inside of the glacier. There, in the Sulden, is a tiny old house in an area of just 12 square meters, which exhibited 13 portraits of legendary climbers, including Reinhold Messner.

Finally, the last section of the Mountain Museum MMM Ripa - located in Bruneck castle in the eponymous town. This interactive exhibit, which involves an exchange of views and experiences among all lovers of the mountains, and also talks about the interaction between climbers and ordinary inhabitants of mountain territories.