/ / Garden city: photo description (città Giardino)

Garden city: photo description (città Giardino)

The Garden city of Grado is certainly the most popular recreational area of the resort town with developed tourist infrastructure. Here is the city's main beach - Spiaggia Principale, as well as the Terme Marina di Grado with a water entertainment Park. Those who have already filled beach vacation, enjoy a walk in the green Parco delle rose, also spread in Garden City. In addition, here you can find opportunities for practicing different sports, such as tennis courts and Golf courses, as well as several shops, bars and restaurants.

The beach of Spiaggia Principale is the most busy place of town stretches for 3 km. It is divided into several zones, each of which has its own characteristics. Some areas are free to visit, and some are considered elite places of recreation. A special area is given to outdoor enthusiasts. The children, however, and their parents will be like visiting a water Park "Water Park" - the most popular attraction in Grado located a few meters from Spiaggia Principale. The Park is surrounded by lush greenery, can offer its guests a large swimming pool with sea water, whirlpools, waterfalls, water slides, playgrounds for kids, trampolines for diving, as well as a bar with underwater seats.

I must say that even the ancient Romans knew about the healing properties of the sun and the sand and alternated exposure to the sun with pescateria. Thanks to Giuseppe Barellai, the pediatrician from Florence, in 1873, the year in Grado was built the first Spa. Subsequently, the town also has thermal springs, has become a recognized Spa therapy. The therapeutic properties of the sources was proven in 1892, the year when was established the first Commission on marine therapy. Today, Grado attracts thousands who want to improve their health and restore the nervous system.