/ / The city's parks Riccione: photo description (Riccione''s city parks)

The city's parks Riccione: photo description (Riccione''s city parks)

The city's parks Riccione is an oasis of relaxation in a small resort town. One of the most beautiful is the Park, Montanari, spread over an area of 6 thousand sq. m. In this area created different conditions for sports - there are roller rinks, skate markets agricultural art and treadmills. The main gate of the Park, located in the heart of Riccione, near the Piazzale Curiel, decorated with a mosaic depicting the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Park "La Perla" - the Pearl - covers an area of 480 sq. m. this Park is a symbol of Riccione, the city that called "Green pearl" of the Adriatic. On its territory there are several architectural elements relating to the history and characteristics of Riccione. Inside the Park there is a raised fountain, reminiscent of the movement of the waves in the center of which is a huge sink. Enjoy this sculptural composition can be while walking down the alley Viale Dante or sitting on one of the benches of La Pearl.

The Park "Parco della Resistenza - Resistance - was created in the 1970-ies. Once the land on which it is located was farm land where the grapes were grown. The various small hills that exist in the Park today were created during the construction of an artificial lake, which is spread over an area of 900 sq. m. there was built a small bridge with railings and dam - this used the tiles from an old wrecked farmhouse. The total area of the Parco della Resistenza - about 110 thousand square meters, which is a huge number of trees - oaks, pines, elms, maples, Laurel, cedars and poplars. In addition, here you can find such unusual trees as Ginkgo biloba and huge Sequoia. Lake planted with aquatic plant species. Throughout the Park are several recreational areas for children and adults. And in the South-Eastern part there is a football stadium.

Finally, it should be said about the Park of Pope John Paul II, occupying an area of 12 thousand sq. m. It is crossed by small paths and planted with cedars, horse chestnuts and Vice. He was recently ennobled as part of the historic Villa Lodi Fe.