/ / Municipal archaeological Museum: photo description (Museo civico archeologico)

Municipal archaeological Museum: photo description (Museo civico archeologico)

Archaeological Museum of the town of Diano Marina is situated in the Palazzo del Parco Corso Garibaldi. It was opened in 2004-m to year. In the eight halls of exhibits found in the territory of Diano Marina Gulf, from Capo Berta to Cape Cervo, Capo, which in the past was a settlement Lukus, Borman.

The oldest finds date back to the Paleolithic era is the fossil minerals, the remains of animals, primitive tools, which are introduced to the history of archaeological excavations that began here in the second half of the 20th century. In the first room also exhibited a paleo-ethnological collection. The second hall is dedicated to the first settlements of the bronze age - here you can see pottery 17-10-th century BC Then there are collections relating to the history of the ancient Ligurians, with two hearth via Villabona, amphorae, pottery) and the period of romanization of the territory of Liguria. The fifth room is devoted to land and sea travel and trade routes of the ancient world: here are exhibited 14 Roman coins 40-year BC - 315-16-th years BC, and the remains of the sunken ship at Diano Marina in the 1st century BC In the other hall contains exhibits discovered between San Bartolomeo and the Eastern slopes of the promontory of Capo Berta, which suggests that this area served as a transit point between the road via Julia Augusta and Gaul. Special attention deserves the exhibition, telling the story of the settlement Lukus, Bormani: the name itself refers to the ancient cult of the God Borman, which the local inhabitants worshipped since time immemorial. Pottery and different tools allow you to restore everyday life of its inhabitants: there were pottery, bronze fishing hooks, primitive looms, etc. And from the times of colonization of Lukus, Bormani troops of the ancient Romans survived two graves.