/ / Municipal Museum of Amalfi: photo description (Museo Civico di Amalfi)

Municipal Museum of Amalfi: photo description (Museo Civico di Amalfi)

Municipal Museum of Amalfi is the town Hall near Corso La Repubblica. Despite the fact that it occupies only one room, the exhibits are of great historical and cultural interest. The Museum holds artifacts from the middle Ages - paintings, ancient coins, banners and clothing, adorned with precious stones. Here you can also see priceless artifacts collected well-known merchant and adventurer Flavio Gioia.

Perhaps the main attraction of the Museum is a unique manuscript "Tavola Amalfitana", which describes the ancient sea laws and customs prevalent in the Mediterranean in the 13th to 16th centuries. This code reglamentary all aspects of Maritime trade - set prices for boat rental, hiring teams, actions in the event of shipwreck, etc. for Many years - almost five centuries - the "Tavola Amalfitana" was in the Imperial library at Vienna, and only in the 19th century returned to Amalfi.

Another interesting exhibit is the ceramic panel located on the outside wall of the building on the South side. It can be seen from Corso delle Republica the Marinara and Piazza del Municipio. This painting with the depiction of scenes from the history of Amalfi in 1970, a local artist, Diodoro Koss. In particular, on the canvas, you can see the ancient Romans who settled in the small seaside village of Rock in the 4th century, the early years of Amalfi scenes of rapid commercial and political life of the Republic in the Middle ages. Also it depicts the invention of the Mariner's compass, the arrival of the relics of St. Andrew and other important historical events.