/ / Municipal Museum of Prato: photo description (Museo Civico di Prato)

Municipal Museum of Prato: photo description (Museo Civico di Prato)

Civic Museum of Prato, at the moment closed for restoration works from 1912, the year housed in a medieval Palazzo Pretorio. His most valuable collection presented at the exhibition "Immagini del Sacro", is now available for inspection in the cloister of the convent of San Domenico, the Museum of mural painting. The municipal Museum of Prato is the oldest cultural institution of the city, with the initiative of its creation in 1788, the year was made by the Grand Duke of Tuscany Pietro Leopoldo of the Lorraine dynasty. However, the Museum was only in 1858, the year.

The core of the Museum collection is the collection of these masterpieces of the 14th century, which are presented in the exhibition "Treasures of the City." In addition, it is possible to see works of art of the Renaissance and the 17th-18th centuries belonging to different art schools, drawings of the 19th century, the sculptures of della Robbia and a local master Lorenzo Bartolini, ceramics, 18th-century, the weapon of times of the movement of the Risorgimento and the costumes of gonfaloniere (the standard bearers of medieval Florence). Picture gallery of the town Hall with its old portraits and the Castello del Imperatore with sculptures and stucco, tells the story of the structure, is also part of the Museum.

Among the absolute masterpieces of the Museum's collection - some paintings of the 14th-century Giotto school, such as the magnificent "Polyptych" Giovanni da Milano, painted for the oldest charitable organization Prato "Spedale della Misericordia"; the painting "the Madonna of Capo" Filippo Lippi and his "Tabernacolo del Mercatale"; sculpture by Andrea della Robbia and Florentine masters Broth Benedetto and Benedetto da Maiano. The art of the 17th-18th centuries is represented by various Roman and Neapolitan schools and artists from Prato Antonio Marini, Giuseppe Ciardi, Alessandro Franchi.

In the municipal Museum of Prato, you can also see a multimedia reconstruction of the medieval city in 3D.