/ / City theatre of Marsala: photo description (Teatro Communale)

City theatre of Marsala: photo description (Teatro Communale)

City theatre of Rome bears the name of St. Francis. An official document on the construction of the theatre was signed on 11 may 1807: "don Leopoldo Fedele, a senior city official, was given long-awaited approval for the construction in Marsala in a suitable place near the theatre for staging comedies, tragedies and music of the operas. Fedele, in turn, gave the order for the construction of Giovanni 'Nuccio', a noble citizen.

Construction work began almost immediately, in 1807, and was completed in record time. Until 1824 on the stage is regularly set new performance, however, in 1826 the theatre was closed due to some legal complexities. Only in 1840, the city administration began to use the building for public purposes, including for the production of new theatrical ideas, which were a great success. The Grand event was the concert of the great pianist Alfred Cortot in 1952. Then it housed the city's prestigious music school, which was led by Maestro Giovanni, Not, it was a kind of Western Sicily base for all future musicians and the only institution of its kind until 1968. That year happened a terrible earthquake, and the theatre was closed because the building and the interior were seriously damaged and fell into disrepair. Only in 1983, restoration work was begun, which lasted until 1989. The Grand opening of the theatre took place in November 1994 - that evening on the stage were the famous Italian singer Andrea Bocelli.

Today the theatre is named after the late composer Eliodoro sollima, accommodates approximately 300 spectators. It consists of a large first floor, three stock seats and a spacious gallery.