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Grand Hotel: photos, description (Grand Hotel)

Grand Hotel Rimini is a luxurious five-star hotel, famous throughout the world for their great tenant - directed by Federico Fellini. This, incidentally, is the only in Rimini the hotel of this level, and also the only seaside hotel owns a private beach. This is what makes it incredibly popular in the summer months.

The hotel was designed by the South American architect Paolo Somazzi, and the Grand opening took place in July 1908. In 1920, the year a serious fire destroyed the two decorative domes which adorned the roof, later it was decided not to restore them. Also considerable damage was caused to the building during the Second World war, but in 1950-ies it was completely renovated. In 1994, the year "Grand Hotel" was declared a national monument of Italy, which is under protection of the Department of fine arts. Near the hotel there is a conference center built in 1992 year and equipped with the latest technology.

Today "Grand Hotel" attracts the attention of tourists with its luxurious architecture in a classical style. His room is decorated with items of the French and Venetian Antiques of the 18th century. Carefully restored wooden floors and Venetian chandeliers. All the interior of the hotel, with its furniture, paintings, lighting recreates the atmosphere of the past.

World famous "Grand Hotel" has received thanks to the great Italian Director Federico Fellini and his films. Being the child of a poor family of Rimini, Fellini often with admiration looked at the building, pressing his nose to the fence and imagining its rich inhabitants. It is these children's dreams later inspired him to create the greatest movies in cinema history. In particular, the "Grand Hotel" can be seen in the film "Amarcord" - in the background are the main scenes of the picture.

Fellini himself loved to stay in a hotel and always chose the same room. It was in this room with the Director had a heart attack which eventually caused his death. Today, the Fellini room, you can stay by prior arrangement.