/ / Neptune's grotto: photo description (Grotta di Nettuno)

Neptune's grotto: photo description (Grotta di Nettuno)

Neptune's grotto, a stalactite cave near the town of Alghero on Sardinia island. The cave was discovered by local fishermen in the 18th century and later turned into a popular tourist attraction. The name of the grotto was named after the Roman sea God Neptune.

The entrance to the cave is about one meter above the sea level at the foot of the cliffs of Capo Caccia with a height of about 110 meters, so you can only get inside with complete calm. The entrance is a staircase carved into the cliff in 1954, the year 654 of the degree, received in use the title "goat's staircase" (Escala del cabirol). They go straight from the car Park on the cliff top to the foot. To get to the cave also as part of a day tour boat from Alghero organize these tours throughout the summer and occasionally in spring and autumn. During the peak season in Neptune's Grotto can accommodate up to 200 people at a time.

Near Neptune's Grotto are two caves - the Green Grotto, closed to the public, and the Grotta di Ricami, which you can get into only by sea. And under water - real Paradise for fans of diving: dozens of large and small sea caves, the most famous of which is the cave of the Match (every year it is visited by thousands of divers). The total length of the cave system here is about 4 km, but only a couple of hundred metres are accessible to the public. Inside the Match - stalactite and stalagmite formations and a salt lake with a depth of 120 meters. Once in the cave was inhabited by a monk seal or white-bellied seal, but today the species has completely disappeared from the surrounding waters.

In the Grotto of Neptune in 1978, the year he made the film "Island of monsters" - two months, the cave was turned into a huge film set. The film starred actress Barbara Bach, wife of the great "beatle" Ringo Starr.