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Guardia Sanframondi: photos, description (Guardia Sanframondi)

Sanframondi Guardia, a medieval town in the province of Benevento in the Italian region of Campania, known as the "pearl of the South" because of its well preserved historical centre, built in the 15th century. To get to this part of town, above which rises an ancient castle, on foot, climbing the steep streets. Today, the historical center Guardie half abandoned, as locals prefer to settle in new homes, which surround a ring of old Guardia. Interestingly, however, some old houses were purchased by wealthy Neapolitans who turned them into their residences.

The origin Guardie Sanframondi uncertain - scientists put forward the version that the city was founded by the Samnites, or the Normans or the Lombards. There are also fragments of the ancient settlement, which existed during the Paleolithic. The name is derived from the Norman family of Sanframondi, who ruled here for almost four hundred years. In 1461, the year Guardia became the property of the family of Carafa, which ruled the town until the 19th century.

The medieval centre Guardie Sanframondi grew up around the castle, standing in the highest part of the city. From him in different directions diverge many winding streets and white stone steps. The castle itself was built by the Lombards and modified by the Normans in 1139, the year. It consists of a main building and four crenellated towers. In the 19th century the castle was for some time abandoned and lost part of its environment and scenery. And in the 20th century there were carried out restoration work today in the garden, festivals, exhibitions and cultural events in the residential wing is a Museum of butterflies, and the open terrace was converted into a theater stage.

Other attractions Guardia Sanframondi are the Church of San Sebastiano and San Rocco, the Basilica of Assunzione fountain with two masks and several aristocratic residences.

It should also be said that in Gwardii time in seven years held a religious festival dedicated to the discovery hundreds of years ago the statue of the Madonna and child. The festival consists of processions of the faithful going to the Basilica Assunzione, the so-called "mysteries" with scenes from the old and New Testament, choir chants passage "flagellant" - becuase who lash themselves with whips, etc.