/ / Palace CA’ d'oro: photos, description Ca’ d'oro)

Palace CA’ d'oro: photos, description Ca’ d'oro)

CA' d'oro (Ca' d'oro - Golden House - luxury Palace in Venice on the Grand canal. Its name he received because of the fact that when the original decoration used in gold leaf. The official name of the Palace located in the quarter of Cannaregio, Palazzo Santa Sofia. Today he is considered one of the finest examples of Venetian Gothic.

CA’ d'oro was built between 1428 and 1430, the years by the architects Giovanni and Bartolomeo Bon for the patrician Marino Contarini, of the powerful family, which gave Venice eight Doges. Earlier on the site of the Palace stood the Palazzo Zeno in the Byzantine style, which Contarini received together with the dowry of his wife. Palazzo Zeno was demolished and in its place began to build a new Palace, while retaining elements of the old in the façade.

The main facade of the CA’ d'oro overlooking the Grand canal, in the Venetian Gothic style, like its neighboring Palazzo Barbaro and Palazzo Giustinian. On the first floor of the Palace in a small cavity located loggia, through which you can get in the lobby. Over stock you can see the private balcony of the main hall. Columns and arches of this balcony have capitals which in turn support a number of fine Windows in the form of a quatrefoil, and over the balcony is another covered loggia similar design. I must say that the architecture of the Palace is a unique combination of medieval churches and mosques.

During the long years of its history, CA’ d'oro changed many owners and was rebuilt several times. In 1894, the year it was bought by Baron Giorgio Franchetti, who initiated a large-scale reconstruction of the building in the surviving drawings and paintings. The Baron had intended to return the Palace to its historic appearance. In addition, Franchetti gathered a rich collection of painting, which after his death, together with CA’ d’ Oro became the property of Venice in the public domain. From 1927, the year in one of the most elegant Gothic palaces of Venice houses the Galleria Franchetti.