/ / Palace of the Bargello: a photo, description Palace of Bargello)

Palace of the Bargello: a photo, description Palace of Bargello)

Palace of the Bargello has the appearance of a powerful severe castle with its tower della Olonana, with a serrated end and battlements. The Palace was built in 1255 specially for the ruler of the city. Over time, there is Podesta (the head of the Executive and the judiciary), then the justice Council. In 1574 the Palace was owned by the captain of the guard of the police (Bargello).

Outside, the building is divided into three parts by two horizontal belts. The Windows have different shapes: in the top of the building - single or paired down with bolts. The top of the building with exposed scalloped cornice formed by small arches and consoles.

On the inner side surrounded by a Courtyard with porticoes on three sides, piers and arcades. Picturesque open staircase, built in the XIV century by architect Neri di Fioravante leads to the upper Loggia of work Tone di Giovanni (1319). The Courtyard wall is covered with many coats of arms of the rulers of the city and Supreme court judges.

Since 1859, the Palace became the National Museum, which houses the sculpture of the Renaissance, as well as masterpieces of other eras. The main exhibition occupies three floors of the Palace. In the hall of Michelangelo you can see the sculpture "Bacchus", a bust of "Brutus" and the relief depicting the Madonna and child. Below are works by Giambologna, Donatello, Brunelleschi, Ghiberti and other masters.