/ / Palace CA’ da Mosto: photo description (Ca’ da Mosto)

Palace CA’ da Mosto: photo description (Ca’ da Mosto)

CA’ da Mosto is one of the palaces of Venice located in the Cannaregio district. It was built in the 13th century in the then popular Veneto-Byzantine style with its high narrow arches and recognizable style and is now considered the oldest building, built on the banks of the Grand canal.

The first owner was a dealer - then it was a simple single storey structure. In the early 16th century it was attached to the second floor, and in the 19th century - the third. The name of the house was named after the famous Venetian traveler Alvise Cadamosto, who was born here in 1432, the year. The da Mosto family owned the Palace until 1603, the year when one of its representatives, Chiara da Mosto, bequeathed the building to his nephew, who bore a different surname.

From the 16th through the 18th century CA' da Mosto housed the well-known hotel "Albergo Leon Bianco" is "White lion Hotel", where in 1769 and 1775, respectively, during his stay in Venice was the new Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II.

Today CA’ da Mosto is in poor condition - it was significantly damaged during the floods and in need of restoration. His master is count Francesco da Mosto, architect and producer, who collects funds for the restoration of their heritage.