/ / Palace CA’ Dario: photos, description (Ca’ Dario)

Palace CA’ Dario: photos, description (Ca’ Dario)

CA’ Dario, also known as Palazzo Dario, one of the palaces of Venice, standing on the banks of the Grand canal in the Dorsoduro district at the mouth of the Rio delle Torreselle. One facade facing the canal and the other overlooking the square, the Campiello Barbaro. Located opposite the Marina of Santa Maria de Giglio.

CA’ Dario, built in 1487, the year in the then popular style of the Venetian Gothic, and since its mosaic facade made of white marble, invariably attracts the eye of passers-by. The house itself is an excellent example of Renaissance architecture. Its name it received the name of Giovanni Dario, Secretary of the Venice Senate, diplomat, and merchant. After the death of Dario, the Palace became the property of his daughter Marietta, who was married to Vincenzo Barbaro, the son of the owner standing next to the Palazzo Barbaro. Later the Venetian Senate rarely took the Palazzo to rent for Turkish diplomats.

As mentioned above, one of the facades of CA’ Dario goes to the small square, the Campiello Barbaro, named after the aristocratic family of Barbaro. This facade is notable for the Gothic arches. At the end of the 19th century, when the Palazzo belonged to the French aristocrat and writer Countess de La Baume-Pluvinel, it was a large-scale restoration. The Countess herself has surrounded himself with French and Venetian writers, one of whom, Henri de Regnier - immortalized in the inscription on the wall in the garden: "In this ancient house in 1899-1901-m years lived and wrote French poet Henri de Regnier". It was on the initiative of the Countess in the CA’ Dario was built a staircase made of external flues and furnaces, with majolicas. And in the dining room on the second floor overlooking the garden, appeared elegant carved decorations.

In 1908, the year the Palazzo Dario painted on his canvas the great Claude Monet - today, this painting is at the Art Institute in Chicago. And at the end of the 20th century here took place the wedding of a famous Hollywood Director woody Allen. The building is now privately owned and usually closed to the public. However, by agreement between the owner of the Palazzo and the Venetian art Museum, Peggy Guggenheim Collection" in it occasionally hosts special cultural events.

I must say that CA’ Dario is the glory of a cursed house. The owners have repeatedly completed suicide, went bankrupt or became victims of accidents. For example, the Marietta, the daughter of Giovanni Dario, committed suicide after her husband Vincenzo Barbaro broke, and he was stabbed. Their son tragically died in Crete. At the beginning of the 19th century, the Palazzo was purchased by an Armenian merchant Arbit Abdoll, which went bankrupt shortly after the purchase. The next owner of the building, the Englishman Redon Braun, also committed suicide. The other owner of the Palazzo, an American, Charles Briggs, was forced to flee from Venice to Mexico because of allegations of homosexuality, and his lover killed himself. In 1970, the year in Udora was killed by Turin, count Filippo Giordano delle Lanz, and a few years later was tragically killed the next owner of CA’ Dario - kit Lambert (fell down stairs). The last tragedy took place in 1993-m to year - then shot one of the richest businessmen of Italy were implicated in a corruption scandal.