/ / The Palace of CA’ Pesaro: photo description (Ca’ Pesaro)

The Palace of CA’ Pesaro: photo description (Ca’ Pesaro)

CA’ Pesaro - marble Palace in the Baroque style, faces to the side of the Grand canal in Venice. The construction of this Palace began in the mid-17th century under the leadership of architect Baldassare Longini, and finished only in 1710, the year is already in another architect Gian Antonio Gaspari. Today in CA’ Pesaro is one of the 11 civic museums of Venice.

The first owners of the Palace was a noble Venetian family of Pesaro. Work on its construction began in 1659, the year it was equipped with the embankment of the canal, and by 1679, the year we completed the design of the rear yard. Three years later it was completed the first two floors of the Palace. After the death Longini construction continued Gaspari, which was based on the original plan of his predecessor.

The scenery of the first floor, with its striped arches and columns reminiscent of creations by Sansovino, and the second floor is decorated with ornaments on the sails of the vault and the architraves. Inside you can still see fragments of frescoes and oil paintings on the ceiling. In General, the personal art collection of the family Pesaro included the work of artists such as Alvise Vivarini, Vittore Carpaccio, Bellini, Giorgione, Titian, Tintoretto and other famous Venetian painters of the 17th-18th centuries. Unfortunately, the 1830-th year is a huge and rich heritage has been sold. The Palace itself is first passed into the hands of the family of Gradenigo, then became the property of the Armenian religious society of mekhitarists, who placed it in his College and later he was bought by the Duchess Felicita Bevilacqua La the MAZ, which in 1898 year, bequeathed to the building of Venice. It is the will of the CA’ Pesaro was turned into the Museum of modern art.

Today, the Museum houses a collection of paintings and sculptures of the 19-20th centuries, and a special room devoted to graphic art. Special mention deserves the Museum of Oriental art, located on the top floor of CA’ Pesaro - there are around 30 thousand items, mainly from Japan but also from China and Indonesia - weapons, inro (fine boxes for perfumes or medicines), figurines, netsuke, paintings, etc.