/ / The Palace Casa dei Tre Eyes: photo description Casa dei Tre Oci)

The Palace Casa dei Tre Eyes: photo description Casa dei Tre Oci)

Casa dei Tre Eyes, also known as Casa di Maria is a Palace in Venice located in the Dorsoduro district on the island of Giudecca. The facade of the Palazzo facing the Canal della Giudecca.

Casa dei Tre Eyes was built in 1912-13-m the artist from the region of Emilia-Romagna Mario De Maria, who turned it into a building in their Venetian home. In this Palace after the death of De Mary stayed and lived a person associated with the world of art, for example, a contemporary architect Renzo piano, working in the style of hi-tech. In 1970, the year the film Director Enrico Maria Salerno was shot several scenes of his film "stranger Venetian" next to Casa dei Tre Eyes. Today the building is owned by the Association, which organizes cultural events dedicated to the art of the 20th century. In the Palace preserved the original furniture of the last century and numerous photographs and artistic materials related to the life De Mary and the history of the Casa dei Tre Eyes.

As a sample of neo-Gothic architecture of the early 20th century, Casa dei Tre Eyes is a mixture of architectural trends, from traditional Venetian house stock to the buildings in avant garde style. The building consists of three floors, but special attention deserves so-called piano Nobile - the floor with three huge arched picture Windows "eyes" overlooking the Canale della Giudecca and Bacino di San Marco. In the center of the second floor to see another Venetian window before - framed by neo-Gothic decorations.