/ / The Palace with its marble columns: photos, description (Palazzo delle Colonne di marmo)

The Palace with its marble columns: photos, description (Palazzo delle Colonne di marmo)

Palazzo delle Colonne di Marmo Palace with marble columns - one of the old buildings, Livorno, located in the quarter of Venezia Nuova. Its name it received because of the two marble columns frame the entrance from the side street of via Borra.

At the end of the 17th century local ruler Marco Alessandro del Borro has issued a decree on the demolition of the fortress Fortezza Nuova to the vacated land to build new homes. This quarter was a continuation of the nearby district of Venezia Nuova, which was founded in the early 17th century. Immediately it began to build their residences number of merchants who were attracted by the proximity to the port.

About 1703, the year a merchant from Lucca Ottavio Gamberini acquired a plot of land on the present via Borra for a defensive canal Fosso della Venezia, and built on it an elegant Palace. It is believed that the author of the project of the Palace was Giovan Battista, Foggini. In the following centuries the Palazzo has been much rebuilt, and was higher by one floor. In 1912, the year the building owner which was a family Bicchierai, became the property of the society of moneylenders "Monte di Pieta", and later it housed the state archive.

The current Palazzo delle Colonne di Marmo is a rectangular building, whose sides faced the main street and the canal. The facade that faces on via Borra, together with the facades of other buildings, such as Palazzo Hudgens is a single architectural ensemble. This facade, in Carrara marble, without a doubt, is the most prominent part of the ensemble. Two columns in Tuscan style, frame the main entrance inside and gives the building a Baroque appearance. There you can see statues depicting the seasons, and grotesque Mascherone on the upper-floor Windows. The entrance to the Palazzo is hidden a small courtyard, partly surrounded by a colonnade. From the side you can see two large Windows.